219 Fort York Blvd #209

Toronto, ON M5V 1A9

Condo Apartment 2 beds 2 baths 938 sqft

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This report includes information on current local listings and other recently sold (or pending sales) in your neighborhood. Although no house is exactly like yours, these are the most similar properties and are often the ones that appraisers use to determine home values.

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How's the Market?

Alex Moloney

Aug, 19 2022

At this time, we do not see any properties that are for sale.

We have seen 9 new listings on the market, all of which have now been sold. At this time, no other properties have been sold. We have seen 2 properties sell for above the value that they were listed at and 5 properties sell for under the value that they were listed at while 2 properties have sold at their asking price. The average days on market is 17 while the median days on market is 11. We have seen an average sales price of $769,278 which is a 15.25% increase from the MLS® wide year-to-date average sales price of $667,465. There has been a median sales price of $775,000 which is a 21.71% decrease from the MLS® wide year-to-date median sales price of $989,850. While there has been an average asking to selling ratio of 1.005, there has been a median asking to selling ratio of 0.9901. The total sales volume is $6,923,500.


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Residents of walkable neighborhoods weigh 6-10 lbs less. Walkability may also have mental health benefits.


87% of CO2 emissions come from burning fossil fuels. Fewer cars on the road means less smog and less traffic.


Research shows that 1 point of Walk Score is worth $3,250 in home value. Additionally, cars are the second largest household expense.

219 Fort York Blvd #209
Toronto, ON M5V 1A9

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