3918 Baggins Court Mississauga

Mississauga, ON L5N 7A3

Detached 4 beds 3 baths

The One To Rule Them All. Rarely Available, Highly-Sought After Family Home On A Coveted Court In Lovely Lisgar. Enjoy 2,931 Total Sqft Of Living Space. Gorgeous Bright & Spacious Open Floor Plan Excellent For Entertaining With Family Room Off Of Large Full-Sized Kitchen. Retreat To Serene Owner's Suite With Walk-In Closet & 4 Piece Ensuite. 4 Bedrooms To Fit The Whole Family Or 4th Bedroom To Be Used As An Office. A Lush Backyard To Call Yours This Summer.

Market Value

$1,160,000 - $1,190,000

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Jan, 23 2022

At this time, there are no properties that are are available to buyers.

All of the 10 properties that were listed on the market have now sold. We have not seen any other sales. There have been 10 properties that were sold for above their asking price. We have seen an average days on market of 4 and we are seeing a median days on market of 4. There has also been an average asking to selling ratio of 1.1057 and a median asking to selling ratio of 1.1091 at this time. We have seen an average sales price of $1,180,290 and as of now we are seeing a median sales price of $1,171,400. There has also been a total sales volume of $11,802,900 at this time.


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3918 Baggins Court Mississauga
Mississauga, ON L5N 7A3

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